If you know a thing or two about the Australian television shows, then you may have a hint or must have encountered Bondi Rescue. Well to those who have no idea what I am talking about, Bondi Rescue is an Australian television programme that has been airing on channel 10 since the year 2006. Bondi Rescue TV show revolves on the reflection of the real life patrol experiences by the professional lifeguard officials from the Waverly council who man the Bondi beach area.

The Bondi beach is part of the metropolitan suburban area of the Bondi Town in Sydney Australia. The fame of Bondi Town arises from the popularity of Bondi beach. Situated to the east of the main town centre of Sydney at a distance of slightly above 7 kilometres, Bondi beach exists within the jurisdiction of the Waverly council local government. What makes Bondi town famous is Bondi Beach. On the other hand, what makes Bondi beach so renown is the fact that it remains one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Australia.

Fortunately, the airing of Bondi Rescue in more than a hundred countries across the globe has also contributed greatly to the showcasing of Bondi Beach as a safe beach destination for any beach-loving tourists. The factual portrayal of real life rescues and safety operations in the programme Bondi Rescue are not only a selling point for this beach destination but a real attraction as well. In other words, the safety you see on Bondi Rescue is the comfort you can have while you are at Bondi beach in real life. The real life-saving rescue activities on Bondi beach are some of the world’s highest.

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The Waverly council officials in Bondi town takes the safety of Bondi beach goers so seriously that they have even marked the areas of the 1km beachfront in terms of safety ratings. The southern side given a rating of 7 is considered the most unsafe with the safety concerns and danger arising from the rip currents.

Otherwise, the northern side is considered the safest with a rating of 4. The rating is out of a scale of 10 with 1 as the safest and 10 as the most unsafe. Luckily with the guidance of red and yellow flags, you can be assured of your safety if you undertake you fun activities within the area cordoned by the yellow and red flags.

Apart from safety, the Bondi area governing officials have also installed free Wi-Fi around the beach so that you can still go about your businesses, connect with local businesses and access safety information on your internet enabled device while you are having fun at the beach. The luck is that your business does not have to stop simply because you are having fun.

The Bondi town and the Bondi beach host several fun-filled sports and recreation activities. You are sure to catch the City to Surf running competition every August of each year with close to over 60,000 participants. The National Rugby League also hosts a number of their games in the town. If you are in Bondi in January you will definitely not miss the Flickerfest film festivals.

Along the Campbell parade, you are sure to encounter several popular cafes with tantalising bites to soothe your appetite as well as have world-class boarding facilities such as in the Hotel Bondi. In other words, if you are looking for a beach destination that has your needs covered any time of the year, the Bondi beach area will definitely top your A-list. After watching Bondi Rescue you will surely know why.