One of the most common worry for almost everybody is maintaining their weight and being health conscious. While some resort to aggressive physical activities such as going to gym or boxing, some add the element of fun such as learning salsa or aerobics, and some prefer to take up walking, jogging or do yoga sessions.

However, if you are not interested in doing any of these, then you have another option – full body exercises. All you need is a mat, a dumb bell and will power. These exercises will give you both – muscle toning and weight loss.

Turkish Get-Up

Interestingly, Turkish Get-up is a simple exercise. Just lie down on your back, holding a dumb bell right about your one shoulder. Then you do just as the exercise suggest – keep getting up. You begin by doing a series of steps – getting into a locked position of keeping your right knee behind your left leg and lift the dumb bell straight up. Once you have the position in place, then you must push your body out, keeping the weight of the dumb bell above your body. Next, you must stand up. Once you have done that, do the same in the reverse position.

It will take time to get used to this exercise as your full body is being put to work. There are also other variations to the exercise, but do that after you have practiced this and feel ready for the next set of steps.

Swing Squats

In this, using a kettlebell is a better option. Keep the kettlebell in between your legs but place it on the ground between your feet. Bend down and hold the kettlebell with one hand. Then squat pushing your butt out and lift the kettlebell. Keep your back firm and thrust back up and swing the kettlebell. Do this in reverse as well. This exercise will strengthen your cardiovascular muscles.

Medicine Ball Slams

If you have a bad day, then medicine ball slams is a great exercise. Take the ball, and hit it with full force on the ground. However, remember that when you throw the ball down, you have to also squat. Also, make sure you swing your arms – when you lift the ball above your head and throw it down with full force. When you catch the ball, understand that it is coming back in double force, so your aim should be to catch it. This is the best way to release stress but you need to be wary of the fact that the ball could hit your face when it bounces back. Look out!

Squat Thrust Jumps

As the name suggests, this full body exercise is a combination of squatting and jumping together. Squat down and place your hands on the ground. Afterwhich kick your legs out and do a push up. Then kick your legs into the squat position and stand up. When you stand up, swing your arms overhead. While this exercise is explained step-by-step, you have to be able to do this quickly one by one. This is one the bootcamp exercises and is considered quite tough. But, don’t worry, you will get there!

medicine ball slams

Deadlift and overhead press

In this, you pick weights off the ground and lift it overhead. Depending on your progess, you can choose the weight – dumb bell, kettlebell, medicine bell or even a sandbag. When you do the deadlift, you position must be straight with just your butt out. Once you have found your balance, lift the weight overhead. During this, your hip and leg muscles help you establish a balance. This exercise entirely depends on the weight you carry. So be careful about choosing the weights and seek a professional trainer’s expertise before attempting t