Benefits of Joining a Bondi Pilates Class

Pilates is a whole-body workout with a special focus on the core muscles, pioneered by Joseph Pilates is becoming more and more popular among modern men and women. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast looking to improve your flexibility and agility or someone who is recuperating from a physical injury, it is the panacea for you. Practicing Bondi Pilates gives you multiple benefits.


Pilates Class on Bondi Beach

Improves posture

Workout of your core muscles, including the thorax and the abdomen, makes them strong and supple. This improves the way we sit, stand or walk. In other words, grace in gait is easily achieved.

Reduces back pain

Strengthening of your abdominal muscles reduces the strain on your back. This greatly relieves the back pain that has become very common now-a-days among working professionals. Apart from simple postures, selective help of instruments is also encouraged to improve efficacy.

Helps in rehabilitation

If you’ve suffered a physical injury, you’ll find that Bondi Pilates works better than physiotherapy because, unlike physiotherapy, it can be customized to suit your body’s requirements. Also, it improves body awareness by making you participate more in the process, thus making rehabilitation positive and enjoyable.

Holistic approach to health

Much like yoga, in this system too, you perform every movement with complete attention. You are aware of both breath and movement. Hence, it is an integrated approach where the mind and the body are addressed. At Bondi Personal Trainer, we use this in conjucntion with our boot camp and personal training workouts.

Helps in weight-loss

Obesity is a serious health issue that has been on the rise all over the world & Australia is no exception to this. While a 2005 study conducted by WHO showed only 20% of Australian adults as being obese, a 2007 study showed the figure at 67.4% giving Australia the 21st rank in the world. Pilates helps burn calories and build strong, lean, non-bulky bodies thus addressing obesity.

Improves confidence levels

Pilates helps in developing a well-defined abdomen. A flat belly makes you look and feel fit. By improving your muscular flexibility and strength, it makes you more energetic, agile and less prone to injuries. This, in turn, improves your body language and boosts your confidence levels. It is no wonder that if you practice regularly you’ll be able to meet life’s demands with equanimity.

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Helps handle peer pressure

The fast paced growth of science and technology and globalization has ushered in the digital era where you are under constant pressure to make suitable lifestyle changes. To handle this peer pressure and meet the requirements of today’s digital world, you need to develop a new set of abilities including multi-tasking ability. The focus and concentration required for this skill are amply provided by the practice of this holistic technique.

Bondi Pilates is not just a system of exercise but an integrated approach to the well-being that builds, preserves and promotes good health in all its dimensions. Regular practice of this technique creates a balanced personality and assists you make appropriate and healthy choices in life. In short, it enables you to live life to the fullest.

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